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Tiltmeifucan: Hey guys! I have question obviously :D, does anyone knows precisely. How much u have to rake for 1 VPP , in cents? :s_cool: Best regards,
PokerStars VIP scheme awards 5.5 VPP's to players for each $1USD they spend in rake. Players earn PokerStars VPP points and Frequent Player Points, known more commonly as FPP points, at the same time. The amount of FPP's earned varies dependant on the particular players current PokerStars VIP status. Players ...
Every PokerStars NJ real money player is eligible to earn StarsCoin at our tables. StarsCoin can be spent on great merchandise, to enter online tournaments, and to qualify for major live events! The more you play, the more you earn. See below to find out more about what we offer.

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Why did I win a specific reward out of a Chest?. What determines how many reward points I need to earn to complete my progress bar?. Does my progress bar ever expire or reset?
Register for the Set Your Goal challenge and win cash bonuses for reaching PokerStars VIP Club VPP targets.
does anyone know how to earn vpp points fastest on pokerstars what do you play in besides 9 man hands.
its earn vpp time or hand? please tell me buddy. Hello @odgerel1988 Please see here: "You earn points by playing in PokerStars games which have a rake or fee. In PokerStars tournaments, you earn points based on the entry fee. You receive VPPs at the rate of 5.5 ...

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The PokerStars Rakeback Calculator

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PokerStars Rakeback - Pokerstars bonus, FPP, rake and VIP

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Instead of VPP I can see some increments of 150 points, but not an exact number as to what my balance is.
I expect this is vpp pokerstars one of the recent updates?
Where can I see my number of VPPs now?
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