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I have a question about starting stack sizes vs number of players. At the local home game I play at, we usually have 6/7 players. The starting stack si.
DIY Poker Tour is a website that make running your own home poker tour easy.. If you have chips with smaller or no denominations you might run your tourney with $1000 of starting chips and start with $5/10 starting blinds. Raising the blinds every 15 minutes works nicely with this structure. Chip breakdown with $1000.
I'm using to set up the ideal configuration for my 6-people poker tourney, but the chip distribution is a pain in the ass and I'm gonna need some help. Players: 6. Duration: 2.5 hours. Level Time: 15 minutes. Now the starting stacks, distribution and blinds are the bitch here. I haven't even ...

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If you host a tournament where each player starts with 100 chips (T100) - your chip denominations should probably be 1, 2, 5, and 25. If you host a tournament where each player starts with 1000 chips - your chip denominations should probably be 5, 25, 100, and 500.
Starting Chips. When starting the tournament, make sure that each player has enough chips. Have at least 20 chips of smallest denomination. For example, when starting with $5000, your blinds start at $25-$50; have at least 20 green $25 chips.
For example, a typical 500-chip set may give you 300 white chips, 100 blue chips, and 100 red chips. You will always want to use the higher quantity chip (in this case, white) as the lowest denomination chip. You can check out my home poker game spreadsheet if you want a calculator to see how many of each chip you will ...
For a normal game of poker at home (6-10 players), it is recommended that you have a suitcase with 500 poker chips. For less than 6 players, you can use 300 chips, but remember that at some point you may want to invite more players or try rebuy tournaments. It is therefore not a bad idea to get a larger suitcase straight ...

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Chip distribution/blinds structure for 5-6 players tournament - Home Poker Games - Home Poker Forum

So the questions are: 1.
Are those denominations correct?
Should I do the standard 1500 starting stack as it usually is online?
Most importantly, how many chips should I give out which denominations, etc.
Updated Feb 2018: This is a very popular and frequently asked question in the forum so we came up with this amazing guide to help you with organizing your home games: It even includes a checklist which is very useful: You can join in on a more recent discussion here: Hey honestly me too thinking about that!!!
It is nice to see you too.
When comes to your question, i suggest my distribution home poker starting chips chips stack among plyers.
In A home game you have no use for 1.
White is normally the lowest chip and black is normally the highest.
Normal chip sets do not normally give you exactly the same amount of chips,so again you have to determine.
Post the chip amounts and colors on a wall where everyone can see them.
Download and print out a copy of Robert's Rules of Poker to have on hand home poker starting chips the night of the game.
I'd use one of their recommended blind schedules home poker starting chips well.
In Howard Lederer in his secrets of no limit hold'em DVD, has a sheet that what starting chips should be, how often blinds go up, and when to color up that is based on number of people playing and how long you want to play for.
It was the only thing of value in the DVD IMO.
We usually play 5 euro rebuy unlimited cash game.
Everybody gets about 150 bb's deep at the beginning, rebuy is also 150bb of course.
Ive seen some crazy hands in these games, like fh over fh on the flop.
This is a good chip distribution and your players will seldom have to make change.
This chip distribution requires a total of 410 poker chips to host a tournament of 10 players.
You will also need some T500 chips for a color-ups and to allow players to rebuy - so make sure to add at least fifty T500 Purple chips to your poker chip set.
This will also allow you to issue each player additional T500 chips to create a T1500 or T2000 chip buyin.
I used this as a general guideline, and it worked great!
Specifically related to op inquiry or just in general regarding a typical stack distribution?
Regardless, long winded word spew comming I haven't played a home game in ages but the pub game I go to when I'm home is pretty much no more than a home game at the pub lol.
There we use a 15k starting stack, if I recall the consider, home poker starting chips apologise breakdown is like.
Obviously given we get about 50x people in those games on avg they have a lot of chips and later in the game bring in grey and pink chips for 10k and 25k respectively.
I'd probably be inclined to do a 5k chip stack with 20 min blinds unless you want them to run quickly in which case 3k with 10 min blinds would be a good go.
I mean the structure is a big key in defining the length free bet cash out a game as well so it comes down to if you want it to be home poker starting chips quick game or a slow game that could take a couple of hours.
When I was at Cherokee and played some of their stt satties they were actually pretty decently structured, I might have those structures around somewhere if they had them on the website back when I was reviewing all their structures but not sure.
So can see how the different stacks and blind levels increases the length of a game which is a key factor in determing the structure for a game is how long home poker starting chips want it to take.
You are going to see that you will need to have 100 chips in play for quite a few levels during the early stages so you would want to have a fair amount of 100 chips in play and then 500 chips in play as well either to start with or once you do some chipping up at a point in the game although no one ever typically does a chipup in a home game home poker starting chips guess.
Then I would likely use red as the 100 chip and white as the 500 chip and either green or blue depending on which you use for the 25 chip as a 1k or maybe 2k chip.
All as clear as mud hopefully in regards to my take on the subject, and to expand on the answer I could give which was "It depends" I know this is old but does anyone else have some input on this subject?
I'm stills sticking with what I used years ago.
Forgot to mention this also from that website : Purchasing too many colors of poker chips can actually harm your ability to host a poker tournament -- you might not have enough chips in any one color to issue to all your players.
I home poker starting chips that mistake the first time; in my case it was more a mater of me wasting money on buying way more than I needed since I got pretty high-end chips.



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